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The Bottomless Thali

The Slice of India

Bottomless Main Course Thali

 £9.95 per person


Slice of India now offers you the next best thing to the all you can eat buffet in these Covid effected times- The bottomless Thali. The Thali is a meal that comes to your table with a selection of individual dishes for you to try.

The Slice of India Thali consist of 5 curries, poppadoms, rice and naan. Choose one of the Thali below to begin with and then refill as many times as you like. When you have finished one of your bowls just hand it to your waiter, let them know what you’d like and they’ll top you up. Refills can be from any of the set Thali options, you don’t have to stick to your original menu.

All the curries, rice and naan are included in the £9.95 price and you can also order starters, dishes from the live kitchens (noodles, chole bhature, dosa, etc) from the menu at an additional charge.

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